Relax, It's Done


We will organise everything for you so that at this stressful time you can feel comfortable that you have the support of a local friend who has been through what you are experiencing and understands want you want and don’t want.

We will advise you on dental surgeries that are clean, safe, professional with an English speaking dentist and staff (we will ensure you understand the written estimate and answer any of your queries to be sure you are satisfied before leaving Australia)

We will tell you about flights to Vietnam and Bali that you can book with your travel agent (they will do your Visa or get it online)

We will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel (we have selected hotels we have personally stayed or know to have a high western standard of facilities)


We will pick you up and take you to your first dental appointment.

If you want, we can have our local English speaking travel agent arrange tours within Vietnam and Bali for you.

We will give you phone numbers, one in Australia, one in Vietnam and also one in Bali so you can get our support whenever you need or just for a reassuring chat.

* This is invaluable when you are a stranger in a very different country with different culture and different language.

Consider us as your friendly "local" who is happy to see you and tell you what you can see and do so you can enjoy your holiday, while at the same time receiving your cost effective, safe dental treatment.

Relax, It's Done

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Natives of southern Vietnam consider themselves to be a little bit different from their northern cousins. Reflecting the year-round tropical temperatures enjoyed in the south they see themselves as the warm and welcoming, laid-back part of the Vietnamese family. When the north shivers in winter the sun keeps shining and the people keep smiling!

The energy and excitement of modern Ho Chi Minh City, still known as Saigon to the locals, introduces you to the south with a bang - a fabulous concoction of exotic sights, sounds and smells guaranteed to get the adrenaline going. Contrast this with the gentle world of palm groves, rice paddies and fruit orchards found in the lush Mekong Delta for both sides of the southern Vietnam story. Beyond the bountiful Delta beautiful beaches and idyllic islands await, perfect for the well-earned relaxation, or perhaps jungle treks, diving and kayaking are more your cup of tea, either way you'll find it here.

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