Frequently Asked Questions for Dental Tourism in Vietnam

Feel free to contact us for any other queries you might have.


Here are the most frequently asked questions for Vietnam

Before you start.. it will ZERO dollars extra to use our services than if you did it yourself! (We are paid from the dental clinics' existing marketing budget)

After you have received a written estimate and decide to proceed with your treatment then we will ask you for a booking deposit to confirm your treatment dates, this amount is deducted from your bill, so there is no additional cost.

If you cancel, not less than 14 days before the treatment date your deposit will be refunded.


Where is Vietnam?

Its in south east asia, north of Singapore, with borders to China, Laos and Cambodia. Its shape is long and thin with over a thousand kilometres of coastline, so many many beaches, with sand dunes contrasting with jungle and with pine forests a few hours away in the mountains.

The capital city is Hanoi in the north while Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) in the south is the main commercial city. The people, over 90 million are friendly and welcoming to travellers, they are proud of their country and helpful to any ‘lost’ tourist.


Best time to visit Vietnam?

Spring (February to April) and Autumn (August to October) when the temperatures are milder with less rain. People often worry about the rainy season but this generally means a couple of hours of rain then the sun comes out again.


How to get around in Vietnam?

In the city its best  to walk or catch a clean air conditioned taxi, which will cost you around $5 for most trips. The adventurous can catch or rent a motorbike.

Between cities your tour operator will arrange flights, train, bus or hire car dependent upon distance and location. You will be surprised that it's not expensive.


Tipping in Vietnam?

It's not expected but it's appreciated. The average workers wage is about $250 a month, so even a $2 tip is well received.


Visa for Vietnam?

A tourist visa is required and your travel agent can arrange this for you or you can do it online. Visa-on-Arrival is not recommended.

We recommend a minimum 1 month visa for each visit. A 3 month multi-entry visa is also available.


Cost of dental treatment in Vietnam?

Depends upon the treatment but generally 30-50% less than in Australia or New Zealand. We will give you a written estimate so you can compare with the quote from your local dentist.


Is dental treatment safe in Vietnam?

Dentists have international qualifications in Vietnam, the latest equipment and services all to international standards. Approval by Department of Tourism and Health. Makes treatment equal to, if not better, than that offered by your local dentist.


Does the dentist speak English?

Yes, the dentist and staff will speak good English and will answer any of your questions and take great care of you. We are sure you will be surprised by their friendly and supportive nature.



What if something goes wrong?

This is highly unlikely with these dentists, whose work is guaranteed. However, we will be there to listen, discuss and support you.

Should you have any other health issues be reassured that there are many Western medical facilities and a hospital in Saigon which is JIC accredited which is the best global standard.


How much time do I need for my trip?

This depends upon both your treatment and travel plans, but allow at least a week for your dental treatment and possibly a return trip some months later if your treatment is extensive. The dentists have surgeries in other parts of Vietnam so you can continue your travels at the same time.


Payment for dental treatment in Vietnam?

Most dentists accept credit card payments.


Is insurance accepted?

Best to discuss this with us before so we can speak with your provider.


Can I get a loan to pay for my dental treatment?

There are companies that we can refer you to that provide loans.


How do I start?

Contact us by email or phone and we can discuss your needs and worries. We can then give you more details and follow this up with a written estimate, so you can make an informed decision.


Why use DENTAL Tourism Asia?

You can, of course, do this yourself but your risk is higher as you don’t know what you will get and it will be unlikely that you save any money.

We have been through this ourselves and learned from this experience so now can pass this knowledge on to you.

We don’t use the cheapest dentists, we only tell you about dental surgeries we have used ourselves and hotels we have stayed or know firsthand, so no surprises.

Feel free to contact us for any other queries you might have.


The fertile Red River valley has been the home of the Vietnamese people for almost 5,000 years, and it remains the cultural heartland of the modern Vietnamese nation. With the capital Hanoi at its centre, northern Vietnam offers the best of all worlds - great depth of culture, remarkable landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine; who needs more?

Let us lead you on a journey to the world-famous scenery of Halong Bay, the jumble of Hanoi's bustling Old Quarter and the lesser-known delights of Ninh Binh, Mai Chau and Sapa. Hike amongst the towering rice terraces of the northern mountains, drift along slow rivers, lined with lotus flowers and channelled by thrusting limestone pinnacles, or let our expert guides introduce you to the exotic tastes and smells of Hanoi's fabulous street food; we know you'll be as inspired by the variety of this region as we are.

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